Lampe Berger Burner

A Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner can be used up to 200 -250 Lights. It's lifespan is about few years depending on how frequent you use it.

Each Catalytic Burner comes with the burner (stone) and wick.

1) Please do not leave the burner and wick in the diffuser filled with essential oil if it's not being used for certain amount of period let's say 1 year. It may clog the burner or cause the burner to be decayed.

2) Only use Lampe Berger Essential Oils in your Lamp. 

Do not try to mix or create your own Essential Oil/ body perfumes and use in Lampe Berger diffuser. Mixtures of Essential Oils from different brand are prohibited because the size of the molecules produced by these mixtures may cause damage to the burner. It may cause chemical reactions with the possible formation of substances considered to be interior pollutants and may be risky for health.