Why Lampe Berger?

The Benefits of Lampe Berger
Lampe Berger is using effusion lamps with more functions than candle type of aroma therapy. Effusion lamps are able to purify the air, oxidizing air particles, destroy odors and air borne bacteria, increase Oxygen, emits ions and fragrancing.

Why Lampe Berger is able to increase Oxygen and and remove odor?
Ozoalcool is found in Lampe Berger's essential oils and forms natural ozone in the air to disinfect and remove unpleasant odours. It increases the oxygen content in the environment.

Why are Effusion Lamps better than candles and incense?
1)Lampe Berger Effusion Lamp operates without open flame whereby candle operates with open flame which may easily cause fire hazzard.

2)Candles burning also cause black soot (as an airborne contaminant in the environment) to be released into the air. Black soot is the product of the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels. Black soot is able to blacken your wall and ceilings which damage your interior.

3)Candles burning produce Carbon dioxide which is bad for health causes excessive Oxygen in your room. Burning candles with lead wicks cores can result in indoor air concentrations of lead that are above EPA-recommended thresholds. This could be dangerous for our health.

Studies showed that high concentrations of acrolein, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde from candle emissions exceeding EPA-recommended thresholds.

How About Incense?
Incense burning was found through researches that it causes asthma and coughing for most young children.. and  also it's fragrance once airborne, can reach exposed skin causing dermatitis.Worse scenario may even cause cancer.