Lampe Berger Oil Ingredients

Lampe Berger Essential Oils are extracted from plants. They are rich in Phytocidere with functions of repelling insects and disinfecting. During the catalytic combustion,  the Anions/negative ions are emitted.This produces an alkaline reaction in blood, easing respiration, reduce tiredness, activating cell renewal and also helps to improve our immune system.

Lampe Berger Essential Oils contain Ozoalcool which forms natural ozone in the air to destroy air borne bacteria and remove odours. It also increases the oxygen level in the environment. Different Lampe Berger Essential Oil even help in different way such as Lavender helps to stabilize blood pressure and ease insomnia/sleeping problem, Citronelle helps to ease migraine, Oceane helps to improves memory and Eucalyptus helps to cure sinus/asthma and breathing problem...