Lampe Berger FAQ

1) Can i use Lampe Berger diffusers with other essential oil not under the production of Lampe Berger or any DIY essential oil?
No. Please don't do so. This may cause dangerous.

2) There is still oil left in my diffuser and i wish to use other flavor. Can i just mix them?
No. Mixing oil causes different effects and features. You may need to use another diffuser or wait until it's finished.

3) How long should i use the diffuser?
This depends on the layout and ventilation of the area you want to fragrance and purify. It will do about 1000sq ft in approx. 30 minutes. If the room is small, you will feel the effect within 10 - 15 minutes. If you feel that the smell is too strong, just cover the diffuser with the cap and stop burning.

4) Is Lampe Berger safe for my children?
Yes but keep reach out of children. Worry that they may consume the oil through mouths or cause fire when the diffuser is still burning with open flame.

5) Where can i use Lampe Berger?
Any place as long as the diffuser is stably located.

6) How long will a catalytic burner last?
Up to 200 - 250 lightings.

7) How should i use the diffuser for first time?
i)   Pour 2/3rd of oil into the diffuser
ii)  Locate the wick into the diffuser
iii) Cover with the cap and allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes.
iv) Remove the cap, light the wet burner
v)  Blow off the flame after 2 minutes
vi) Cover with threaded cap

8) What are the Major Functions of Lampe Berger Essential Oils.
Remove Odors, Kill Bacteria, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase Oxygen, Aroma Therapy, Fragrancing & Mood Management.

9) How much oil should i fill the diffuser?
Fill up with 2/3rd for 1st time usage. Fill any amount for 2nd time onwards as long it's not full.

10) Why are effusion lamps better for us than candles or incense?
It's because effusion lamps burn without an open flame to lower the risk of fire hazzard whereby candle with open flame is more dangerous.
Lampe Berger can increase oxygen whereby candles produce carbon dioxide.

11) When I lit my diffuser and the flame was 4 inches high. Is this normal?
Yes it is. You need to take precautions while the stone is heating. Do not put it close to flammable materials to avoid fire hazzard.

12) Does Lampe Berger burner fit with all kinds of Lampe Berger diffusers? How many kind of burners do you have?
Yes. It fits with any Lampe Berger diffusers. There are 2 kinds. Normal burner and new burner 3C.

13) How many litre for 1 bottle of Lampe Berger?

14) Where should i put my Lampe Berger oil and diffuser?
On a stable surface. Keep reach out of children and also not recommended to put at somewhere with hot environment because oil is flammable.

15) What are the things i should be precautious of?
i)   Don't move the diffusers around with open flame. This will cause fire if the diffuser falls.
ii)  The oil is not edible
iii) Wash your hands if your oil applied to skin
iv) You may have headache for 1st time usage
v)  Don't use essential from other brands with Lampe Berger diffusers.
vi) New user may feel dizzy for first time usage due to therapy effects by Lampe Berger