Lampe Berger Essential Oils

Benefits of Lampe Berger
All types of Lampe Berger Essential Oil are able to bring below benefits.

1. Purify and improve the quality of interior air.
2. Destroy and eliminate unpleasant odors (tobacco, cooking, durian etc.).
3. Perfume the house with the fragrance of your choice.
4. Emit Ions, generate and Increase the level of Oxygen
5. Fragrancing
6. Stress Management

Types of Lampe Berger Essential Oil (Parfums De Maison)
Green Tea/ The Vert - Refreshing
Green Apple - Increase appetite. (Not recommended for those who are on diet)
Lavender/Chant De Lavande - Balance blood pressure and for relaxing
Anti Mosquito/ Pyrethre - Repel mosquitoes
Bois De Santal/ Sandalwood - Detox and help for those who wants to focus
Eucalyptus - Improve breathing system. Help for sinus and asthma
Citronelle - Help for migraine and headache
Ocean/Vent De Ocean - Improve memory and ease sleepiness
Rose - Create romantic atmosphere

There are other flavors for sale.