Lampe Berger History

Lampe Berger Oil diffusers first began in Paris, France in 1898 invented by a pharmacist called Maurice Berger who was born in 2nd of December, 1866. During the world war 1, the hospitals were full with corpses with diseases. This inspired Maurice to look for solution for air purification. He then succeeded discovering the Lampe Berger diffuser oil which can purify air, destroy odors and destroy air borne bacteria. It became more and more famous when the royal families and rich started using this product. Maurice Berger opened a shop known as L'Ozosenteur where his business was to commercialize his Berger lamp. He ran his business until he retired in 1927. At age 64, Maurice passed away. It was later sold to Jean-Jacques Failliot and currently you can get Lampe Berger in Europe, USA and all around Asia.

Multiple awards won by Lampe Berger for over a century.

1925 - France's Grenoble National Tourist Gold Award
1938 - National Scientific Research & Development Gold Award
1901 - French National Product Invention Award
1901 - 6 times Winner of Paris Product Award
1901 - Lyon Excellent Product Award
1901 - Grenoble Excelent Product Award
1901 - Decoratifs Arts Award
1901 - Diplome d'Honneur Sales Award
1906 - Italy, Roman Market Product Award
2000 - US Atlanta 2000 Annual Award for Best Decorative Award Figure Certificate
2001 - Chinese "High Quality Consumer Product and Lifestyle Art" Award at the "New Millennium Advanced Technology Exposition" in France

Picture of hospital using Lampe Berger to destroy bacteria and remove odour during World War 1.