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We are Independent Distributors of Asia Version & Europe Version Lampe Berger products distributing Lampe Berger Essential Oils in 1Litre (Parfums De Maison), Diffusers/Lamps and Catalytic Burners with wicks in Malaysia since 1999. All Lampe Berger products are originally manufactured in France.

Contact us at sales@lampeberger.my for any enquiries on the products.

Lampe Berger Essential Oils

Benefits of Lampe Berger
All types of Lampe Berger Essential Oil are able to bring below benefits.

1. Purify and improve the quality of interior air.
2. Destroy and eliminate unpleasant odors (tobacco, cooking, durian etc.).
3. Perfume the house with the fragrance of your choice.
4. Emit Ions, generate and Increase the level of Oxygen
5. Fragrancing
6. Stress Management

Types of Lampe Berger Essential Oil (Parfums De Maison)
Green Tea/ The Vert - Refreshing
Green Apple - Increase appetite. (Not recommended for those who are on diet)
Lavender/Chant De Lavande - Balance blood pressure and for relaxing
Anti Mosquito/ Pyrethre - Repel mosquitoes
Bois De Santal/ Sandalwood - Detox and help for those who wants to focus
Eucalyptus - Improve breathing system. Help for sinus and asthma
Citronelle - Help for migraine and headache
Ocean/Vent De Ocean - Improve memory and ease sleepiness
Rose - Create romantic atmosphere

There are other flavors for sale.

Lampe Berger Oil Ingredients

Lampe Berger Essential Oils are extracted from plants. They are rich in Phytocidere with functions of repelling insects and disinfecting. During the catalytic combustion,  the Anions/negative ions are emitted.This produces an alkaline reaction in blood, easing respiration, reduce tiredness, activating cell renewal and also helps to improve our immune system.

Lampe Berger Essential Oils contain Ozoalcool which forms natural ozone in the air to destroy air borne bacteria and remove odours. It also increases the oxygen level in the environment. Different Lampe Berger Essential Oil even help in different way such as Lavender helps to stabilize blood pressure and ease insomnia/sleeping problem, Citronelle helps to ease migraine, Oceane helps to improves memory and Eucalyptus helps to cure sinus/asthma and breathing problem...

Lampe Berger Instructions

Using Lampe Berger for the 1st time.
1. Place the Lampe Berger diffuser on a stable surface away from easy flammable materials. Remove the cap and threaded cap.

2. Pour Lampe Berger Essential oil into the diffuser with funnel provided.
(Wipe up any fuel that spills on the outside of the diffuser)

3. Insert the wick fully into the metal neck of the Lampe Berger. Make sure sure that the stone rest firmly on the opening. Place the cap over the stone and allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes. The stone will be wet and in dark grey colour after 20 minutes.

4. Remove the cap. Light the stone for 2 minutes. Since it's burning in flame, please locate the diffuser at a proper place. Blow off the flame after 2 minutes.. 

5. Your Lampe Berger diffuser is now operating. Place the threaded cap. The stone will be burning over 100 degree celsius. The threaded cap is to protect from touching the stone.

6. To extinguish your Lampe Berger, carefully open the threaded cap which is hot. Cover the cap. The the stone will cool down. Keep the diffuser at a safe place until the next usage.

Lampe Berger FAQ

1) Can i use Lampe Berger diffusers with other essential oil not under the production of Lampe Berger or any DIY essential oil?
No. Please don't do so. This may cause dangerous.

2) There is still oil left in my diffuser and i wish to use other flavor. Can i just mix them?
No. Mixing oil causes different effects and features. You may need to use another diffuser or wait until it's finished.

3) How long should i use the diffuser?
This depends on the layout and ventilation of the area you want to fragrance and purify. It will do about 1000sq ft in approx. 30 minutes. If the room is small, you will feel the effect within 10 - 15 minutes. If you feel that the smell is too strong, just cover the diffuser with the cap and stop burning.

4) Is Lampe Berger safe for my children?
Yes but keep reach out of children. Worry that they may consume the oil through mouths or cause fire when the diffuser is still burning with open flame.

5) Where can i use Lampe Berger?
Any place as long as the diffuser is stably located.

6) How long will a catalytic burner last?
Up to 200 - 250 lightings.

7) How should i use the diffuser for first time?
i)   Pour 2/3rd of oil into the diffuser
ii)  Locate the wick into the diffuser
iii) Cover with the cap and allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes.
iv) Remove the cap, light the wet burner
v)  Blow off the flame after 2 minutes
vi) Cover with threaded cap

8) What are the Major Functions of Lampe Berger Essential Oils.
Remove Odors, Kill Bacteria, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase Oxygen, Aroma Therapy, Fragrancing & Mood Management.

9) How much oil should i fill the diffuser?
Fill up with 2/3rd for 1st time usage. Fill any amount for 2nd time onwards as long it's not full.

10) Why are effusion lamps better for us than candles or incense?
It's because effusion lamps burn without an open flame to lower the risk of fire hazzard whereby candle with open flame is more dangerous.
Lampe Berger can increase oxygen whereby candles produce carbon dioxide.

11) When I lit my diffuser and the flame was 4 inches high. Is this normal?
Yes it is. You need to take precautions while the stone is heating. Do not put it close to flammable materials to avoid fire hazzard.

12) Does Lampe Berger burner fit with all kinds of Lampe Berger diffusers? How many kind of burners do you have?
Yes. It fits with any Lampe Berger diffusers. There are 2 kinds. Normal burner and new burner 3C.

13) How many litre for 1 bottle of Lampe Berger?

14) Where should i put my Lampe Berger oil and diffuser?
On a stable surface. Keep reach out of children and also not recommended to put at somewhere with hot environment because oil is flammable.

15) What are the things i should be precautious of?
i)   Don't move the diffusers around with open flame. This will cause fire if the diffuser falls.
ii)  The oil is not edible
iii) Wash your hands if your oil applied to skin
iv) You may have headache for 1st time usage
v)  Don't use essential from other brands with Lampe Berger diffusers.
vi) New user may feel dizzy for first time usage due to therapy effects by Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Burner

A Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner can be used up to 200 -250 Lights. It's lifespan is about few years depending on how frequent you use it.

Each Catalytic Burner comes with the burner (stone) and wick.

1) Please do not leave the burner and wick in the diffuser filled with essential oil if it's not being used for certain amount of period let's say 1 year. It may clog the burner or cause the burner to be decayed.

2) Only use Lampe Berger Essential Oils in your Lamp. 

Do not try to mix or create your own Essential Oil/ body perfumes and use in Lampe Berger diffuser. Mixtures of Essential Oils from different brand are prohibited because the size of the molecules produced by these mixtures may cause damage to the burner. It may cause chemical reactions with the possible formation of substances considered to be interior pollutants and may be risky for health.

Lampe Berger History

Lampe Berger Oil diffusers first began in Paris, France in 1898 invented by a pharmacist called Maurice Berger who was born in 2nd of December, 1866. During the world war 1, the hospitals were full with corpses with diseases. This inspired Maurice to look for solution for air purification. He then succeeded discovering the Lampe Berger diffuser oil which can purify air, destroy odors and destroy air borne bacteria. It became more and more famous when the royal families and rich started using this product. Maurice Berger opened a shop known as L'Ozosenteur where his business was to commercialize his Berger lamp. He ran his business until he retired in 1927. At age 64, Maurice passed away. It was later sold to Jean-Jacques Failliot and currently you can get Lampe Berger in Europe, USA and all around Asia.

Multiple awards won by Lampe Berger for over a century.

1925 - France's Grenoble National Tourist Gold Award
1938 - National Scientific Research & Development Gold Award
1901 - French National Product Invention Award
1901 - 6 times Winner of Paris Product Award
1901 - Lyon Excellent Product Award
1901 - Grenoble Excelent Product Award
1901 - Decoratifs Arts Award
1901 - Diplome d'Honneur Sales Award
1906 - Italy, Roman Market Product Award
2000 - US Atlanta 2000 Annual Award for Best Decorative Award Figure Certificate
2001 - Chinese "High Quality Consumer Product and Lifestyle Art" Award at the "New Millennium Advanced Technology Exposition" in France

Picture of hospital using Lampe Berger to destroy bacteria and remove odour during World War 1.

Why Lampe Berger?

The Benefits of Lampe Berger
Lampe Berger is using effusion lamps with more functions than candle type of aroma therapy. Effusion lamps are able to purify the air, oxidizing air particles, destroy odors and air borne bacteria, increase Oxygen, emits ions and fragrancing.

Why Lampe Berger is able to increase Oxygen and and remove odor?
Ozoalcool is found in Lampe Berger's essential oils and forms natural ozone in the air to disinfect and remove unpleasant odours. It increases the oxygen content in the environment.

Why are Effusion Lamps better than candles and incense?
1)Lampe Berger Effusion Lamp operates without open flame whereby candle operates with open flame which may easily cause fire hazzard.

2)Candles burning also cause black soot (as an airborne contaminant in the environment) to be released into the air. Black soot is the product of the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels. Black soot is able to blacken your wall and ceilings which damage your interior.

3)Candles burning produce Carbon dioxide which is bad for health causes excessive Oxygen in your room. Burning candles with lead wicks cores can result in indoor air concentrations of lead that are above EPA-recommended thresholds. This could be dangerous for our health.

Studies showed that high concentrations of acrolein, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde from candle emissions exceeding EPA-recommended thresholds.

How About Incense?
Incense burning was found through researches that it causes asthma and coughing for most young children.. and  also it's fragrance once airborne, can reach exposed skin causing dermatitis.Worse scenario may even cause cancer.

Lampe Berger Certification

T.E.C. - Anti-Dust Mites Certificate

Agro Hall Evreux - Anti-Bacteria Certificate

MMA Attestation 2004

MMA Insurance Certificate

ADEPHY Export Certificate

Top 100 Products of 2000 in USA

Aromatherapy History

The history of aromatherapy can be traced back to 5000 to 6000 years ago. Aromatherapy is defined as treatment with fragrance."Aroma" means fragrance & "therapy" means treatment. This term is created during 20th century. Aromatherapy was widely used among the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and the Chinese for religious rituals, medication, cosmetics and perfumery.

One of the oldest medical book in China written by Shen Nung around 2,700BC contains cures involving over 300 different aromatic herbs.

Hypocrites, also known as Father of Medicine (400 BC) was the first to study essential oils' effects. He believed that a daily aromatic bath and scented massage would promote good health.

Theophrastus, a physician, wrote of the healing properties of "aromatic" plants. For at least 1200 years, a book written by a Greek physician named Pedacius Dioscorides about herbal medicine was the Western world's standard medical reference. Many of the remedies he mentions are still used in Aromatherapy today.

The Romans built upon the knowledge of the Egyptians and Greeks and became well known for scented baths followed by aromatic oil massage.

Lampe Berger Diffuser

Every Lampe Berger diffuser comes with threaded cap, cap, catalytic burner with wick and the diffuser.

Article on how to differentiate between original Lampe Berger diffuser with pirated diffuser.

Lampe Berger With Famous Artists

Lampe berger is many artists' favourites around the world.

Signature Lamps

There are variety of signature diffusers since 1897. Some signature diffusers are even displayed in Museum. 

Lampe Berger Helped fight SARS Virus

Lampe Berger was being used in Tan Tock Seng Hospital 陈笃生医院 Singapore during SARS to destroy air borne bacteria and purify air. Lampe Berger helped to fight SARS Virus. All different flavours of Lampe Berger Essential Oil are able help destroy bacteria.